Hello, I’m Bryce. I’m a Software Engineer & Data Scientist and I’m offering consulting services.

My non-exhaustive value proposition would be the following,

  • Data Analysis:

    I would bring you useful insights from your data that will help you understand your situation better. I have experience with a lot of business problematics from my previous work as a Data Scientist in a French unicorn start-up and will provide you with a very clear and useful reports.

  • Data Engineering

    I would lever my experience in running Data Engineering jobs so that your data will be more actionable.

  • Data Science

    I would combine my Data Analysis skills along with my Data Engineering skills to build pragmatic and powerful solution using state-of-the-art mathematicals and AI tools. The output would be an algorithm aimed at solving a very specific problem for your business using data. I have experience of building world-class Machine Learning pipeline on many problematics. If your company has a lot of historical data you may be unaware of its potential, contact me so I can help you extract the most value out of your data.

  • Full-stack webdev:

    I am fluent in Python and use it as a daily basis to build back-ends for my projects, I am as well a JavaScript developper and am completely able to operate on any codebases. I learned JavaScript this year and built a product called NowLedge, an app used to efficiently learn from any digital books or research paper. Check it out at Even though I worked as a Data Scientist in my previous company I’ve been a Software Engineer for more than 5 years, I’ve built a lot of projects in University mainly because I was just passioned about it. As well I know and used, C, C++, Java, OCaml, Ruby, Haskell, Julia and LISP.

Most of the time my value proposition is a combination of these 4, if you feel like me and you could be a match don’t hesitate to drop me a mail and we will setup a call to understand and frame your problematics.

More about me

I am a Software Engineer and Data Scientist with experience working in a now unicorn company. I am working right now on projects that I am monetizing as a Indie Hacker and I’m now available for consulting work.

I have experience working on a plethora of technologies, for example I’m completely fluent in Networks, Docker, Linux, Python, Machine Learning, Data Analytics and Javascript. I am as well very keen on business, as a Data Scientist at ManoMano I had the responsibility to identify myself the best next lever for the company, by finding and executing the right project we could yield millions of additional income for the company.

This means that I’m able to talk directly with the stakeholders working directly on business problematics, come up with a pragmatic solution and solve it along with the business stake holders. I am open-minded and like to think out of the box, I am 100% independant on any development/technological task I could be given.

My goal: taking your company to the next level, if you’re not sure whether I could help you or not then feel free to schedule a call with me. I’m eager to listen to your problems.

I am specialized in e-commerce, Software Engineering, and am a Data Expert.

I can adapt really fast to any technologies, process, or workflow that you would need. I can incorporate myself in your existing tech team, help you start one or just operate independantly given your needs.

Don’t hesitate to check out my Curriculum Vitae here. More social media links are available on the top of this page.

Interested? Feel free to book a slot in my calendly at your convenience! I’m looking forward to our collaboration.

Bryce Tichit